Academic Council

The Brains behind who help draw the innovative and integrated curriculum and teaching methodology as per the demands of the ever changing corporate world

Prof. S. B. Singh
Ph.D. (Mgt.) Cert I.T.P. (Stockholm, Sweden) Ex. HOD, MBA dept., Former Vice-Chancellor, Lucknow University

Prof. M. K. Mitra
Ex. HOD (Medicine), king George Medical College, Lucknow.

Dr. B. B. Singh
Ex-Principal, MMM Engineering College, Gorakhpur

Prof. Y. P. Singh
Dean, Dept. of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi

Dr. Anupama Diwan
Ph. D. (Pharmaceutics), Prof. of Pharmaceutics

Dr. Vipin Dhall
Director (R&D), Dr. Reddy’s Lab, Hyderabad.

Mr. Vipin Sahani
Chairman of Business School of Delhi, and promoter of Mayoor School-Noida