Grievances Redressal


The Grievance Redress Committee (GRC) will generally be headed by the Director and 3 senior faculty members. The institution should have Proper mechanisms for registering and disposing of Grievances. Grievances can be conveyed directly or through phone or by online mechanism to the Grievance Redressal Committee.

Procedure for lodging complaint:

A student/ staff shall first present his/ her complaint verbally/ in writing to the concerned head of the Department. The HoD is requested to address/ resolve the issue within Five Working days.

The following committee has been formed against grievances:

1:- Dr. Deepak Kumar Srivastava Director 8004191368
2:- Dr .Jaibeer Pratap SIngh HOD 8009902940
3:- Mr. Anil Kumar Yadav Academic Coordinator 9936900650
4:- Mrs. Deepika Seth Assistant Professor 9651152837

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